The Bible
We Believe The Bible is The Final Authority on all matters

At Freedom Hope we believe that the Word of God and the teachings of Jesus
Christ as recorded in the Bible exist without compromise and are not subject to human-
centric interpretation. We further believe the Bible to be without match and of divine ispiration therefore it needs nothing added or taken away! (2nd Timothy 3:16)

Nothing is nearer the Fathers heart than relationship with his children.

We believe that EVERY person is a child of God, a God Who doesn’t care who
you are or what you’ve done. He offers you salivation and at Freedom Hope, we would love to join you on your journey from Lost to Found in the Saving Love of the Father!

Connection is far more important than Correction!

We believe that this simple truth could radically change the Church experience for so many unfortunatlely the american church has found itself rooted in correcting over connecting by joining us you will be a part of God's move to establish meaningful relationships. As a side note from our Pastor (Investment determines Depth and Depth determines Duration)